Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gotta Love the Cowboys!

My dad is a HUGE Cowboys fan and he loves to cook out, so it seemed only fitting that I make him a hat and apron for his birthday this year. I got the pattern for the hat here. It was incredibly easy to follow. I did change it up a bit to make the hat completely reversible, although I did not take pictures of the reverse side. I winged the apron and in case you want to know, here is how I did it.

You'll need:
1.5 yds fabric
1.5 yds lining
2 D-rings
My yardage measurements are estimates and could vary based on the size of the person or how long you want the apron.
I folded my fabric lenghtwise and on the fold I drew a 6" line using a ruler, that way it would be 11.5" after (1/4" seam allowance).

I measured the length by holding the top line against my chest and marking where it hit my shins. Not very scientific, I know. Once that was marked I laid it back down and drew a 14" line so that it would be about 27.5" after.

For the under arm, I just kinda drew a curved line. I didn't really pay attention to measurments. I'm sorry. Then I just drew a straight line from arm to hem.

Once I was done drawing the pattern, I got the white fabric, folded it in half, and placed it under the blue. Now you could just pin and cut from there and be good to go. Since my dad is big on greasy BBQ, I decided to put two layers of ripstop nylon in the middle. To my knowledge it is water/moisture resistant and I didn't want anything soaking through the apron.

For the neck straps and ties I cut those about 2.5" by the width of the fabric, about 45", and I cut 3 of each fabric and lining. I sewed 1 fabric and 1 lining, right sides facing, up one long side, across the short side, and back down the other long side. Turn them all right side out and topstitch. For the neck strap, cut off about 5" from the raw end of the strap to use for the D-ring strap. Place D-rings on short strap, put raw edges of strap toghether and baste ends. To lock rings in place, push them to the top of the fold and sew just below them.

Now, on right side of fabric, pin D-ring strap and neck strap to the top of the apron, having raw edges even. I did mine about 3/8" from the edge to leave room for the seam. You can baste in place or leave pinned. Do the same for the ties. See the first picture for reference.
Lay lining on top of fabric, right sides facing, and pin in place. Sew using a 1/4" allowance, leaving a 2"-3" opening for turning, preferably along the bottom.
Turn and topstitch.

Thomas was such a good helper, he even let me take pictures of it on him. I can't wait to get pictures of my dad in it.

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