Sunday, February 22, 2009

A few new bows

I've had bow fever lately and was able to make a few more the other night.
Ok, so this one is from the post I did earlier but I felt it needed an action shot, lol. I like it better now that I've seen it in her hair. Now, to find/make a matching outfit.
For these I just used my zebra scraps. I wanted little bows and I think these will do. I had decided to make two sets- one for Amelia and one for my niece Cara because she loves zebra stuff more than I do. Unfortunantly I ran out of fabric so I only have this set and then one single bow. Now to pick out which one they get.

I am just itching to make more now but I can't. I've had to pack everything up so that we can move and it is killing me that I don't have any crafty things to do. =( Oh well, maybe i should clean.

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