Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yeah, I know, I'm a bit late. We are in the process of packing so that we can move in two weeks so I kinda forgot about my computer. Sadly, I've had to pack my sewing and crochet things and I feel a little lost. I did manage to squeeze in a few last minute projects before I finished packing though.

Since V-Day was coming up I needed to make Amelia a new top. It's kind of a thing for me- she gets a new top/dress/outfit for each holiday. I found some really cute Valentines fabric in the remnants bin at Wally World and snatched it up. Thankfully I don't need much to make clothes for her right now. I used a different pattern than normal and the top was too big. I still really like it but she'll just have to wait till next year to wear it. Oh well, that just gives me a reason to make a new outfit!!
So, needing a new outfit I started thinking of ideas. I had just packed away all my things but I reopened a box or two till I found what I wanted- another remnant and a pair of black jeans that she has loved just a little too much, lol. She loves to pretend that she is a dog so she wears out all the knees on her pants. Not to mention she just went through another growth spurt and the jeans are now way too short. I cut them off just above the crotch and added a strip of fabric to the bottom, much like you would a ruffle. Then I used the torn up knee of one of the legs and cut out a heart applique and sewed it to the front of the skirt. The top is from a pattern absolutely love. I must have used it a million times in the past year and I think I'll cry when she is too big for it. I really didn't want to waste any part of the jeans so the bodice is cut from the jeans. Well, the outer layer is anyway. I didn't have enough jeans left for the lining so I just used black broadcloth.
After the outfit was made I really wanted to accessorize. I found this tutorial for adding ribbon to socks for that "boutique" look and wanted to give it a try. I didn't have much of this ribbon left so it isn't a ruffle-y as I wanted but they aren't too bad. Please excuse the abused shoes. As I mentioned earlier, she does a lot of crawling while pretending to be a puppy dog.

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