Thursday, October 29, 2009


Finally I have pictures of the costumes. I hope to get better pictures on Halloween but if not these will do. I had fun making these and trying my best to be creative. Thomas wanted to be a skeleton but he also wanted a cape. The cape was super easy as was his skeleton suit.

For the cape I searched and searched online to find a tutorial and only found one I liked. I did have to adjust it a bit given that it is an adult tutorial but it worked really well. I also made his completely reversible.

For the skeleton part of the costume I had wanted to sew a skeleton on a sweatsuit and call it a day. I even went and bought a $1 glow in the dark skeleton at the Dollar Tree just for this purpose. Let me just say that while this seems like a good idea it really wasn't. After trying for two hours to sew hard plastic onto a pair of sweatpants I gave up. In the end I laid the skeleton on top of the shirt and pants, traced around each bone with a silver Sharpie, and painted in each bone with white acrylic paint. Once the paint was dry I laid the bones with spaces in them on top of the white and filled in the spaces with black paint. Voila!! A skeleton costume was born, lol. As disappointed as I am with my lack of hand sewing skills, the kid loves this thing and will not take it off. He has seriously worn it every day for the last week and we still have two days to go till Halloween.

Amelia wanted to be a mermaid and we got her pattern early last month cause I knew I would need some time with this one. We used McCalls 5498. I have to say it was pretty easy to follow. Amelia told me she wanted silver and pink for her costume so I went and got silver lame' for the tail and a pink shimmery, stretchy material for the fins. When I showed it all to her she promtply told me no, that she wanted silver fins and a pink tail. I didn't think it would look good but it does. Because I am a glutton for punishment I put silver piping along the bottom of the fins and along the back zipper line. I wound up not using a zipper cause I hate them and used two sets of hooks and eyes instead. I also made a matching seashell trick or treat bag and my sister made her a seashell headband.

Just a close up of the fabrics I used.
Now I just need to finish my costume and I'll be set, lol!

Monday, October 19, 2009

A few new things for me

I know its a little later than I planned to post this but better late than never, right? I have never been very good at making clothes for myself but I really wanted to try. I had a bolt of grey-blue jersey material thats been in my stash for about a year and really wanted to try to use it. I've tried to sew with jersey before but was very unsuccessful, always ending up with stretched out and wavy seams. I wound up tracing the shape of one of my favorite tank-tops onto the folded over material. At the hem of the tank I added about 12 inches and flared it out. I then added a band to the bottom of it to give it that "bubble" effect. I also was able to make a shelf bra that served as a self facing for the top of the shirt. This has become one of my favorite shirts. Sorry for the grouchy face.
This is one I made for my sister. I followed the same steps but with purple jersey instead.
This one I made and I'm not quite sure if I like it or not. I made it out of a striped jersey material and while it is comfortable I'm just not sure if I like how it looks on me. It is just a tube of fabric with elastic in the top and bottom hems.
Well, that is it for now. It is Halloween though so with any luck I'll get the kids costumes up on here.