Thursday, November 12, 2009

You will all think I'm crazy but....

I've decided to make doll clothes for at least two of my girls (1 daughter and 3 nieces). Not only am I making doll clothes but they are for 12 inch dolls. I'm even debating on whether or not to make clothes for their Cabbage Patch dolls as well. Amelia still has hers but Caitlyn's is in storage. Maybe it won't be so bad. I've already almost finished one outfit and it was easier than I thought it would be. Its just that they're so small. Now I just need ideas for the other two girls and for the 4 oldest boys. Any thoughts?? I made everyone pajamas last year and don't really want to go that route again. Then, once I get all the kids presents figured out I still have 5 sisters to figure out, plus parents and grandparents. What can I say, I'm a glutton for punishment. LOL.

On another note, Halloween was lots of fun! I didn't get very many new pictures of the kids costumes. They were having too much fun playing with cousins and I was having too much fun talking to people I haven't seen in ages. I did get a good pic of my sister and me and one of her and my BIL. They are band members from ICP I think. I think they did a good job.