Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Well, I did it.

Ok, so I know this post is really late but at least its getting done. I actually made the doll clothes for Christmas. Did I take pictures? Of corse not. I didn't have a camera until after the darn things were wrapped and then I completely forgot. They turned out pretty well. They do swallow the dolls a bit but to two six-year-olds that doesn't matter much. I also made a Nintendo DS case for my nephew and a carrying case/playmat for my other nephew's cars. I was really impressed with it to tell the truth. I wll be getting pictues of it just as soon as I can. Both of my kids got a DS also so I m planning on making cases for them as well. It has been so cold here I haven't really been able to sew much because my sewing machine and other things are all out in the garage. The uninsulated, unheated garage. I have to wear two pairs of socks and two shirts plus a jacket, and leggings and jeans just to sit out there for an hour. Someday I will be mega rich and have a house with a room just for my sewing and crafty things. -sigh- We did get record breaking snow on Christmas Eve. I swear in parts of my yard there was two feet of it. They said on average there was 8 inches all over town but the drifts were horrible. This is Texas! We're not supposed to get snow like that! I think the last of it only melted last week. That I did get pictures of though.