Monday, January 18, 2010

Better late than never

I know it has taken way too long for this but I just got these pictures. These are the Christmas presents I made for my sister's two older boys. As Jayson is a super car fan I figured he could use something to carry them around in that would double as a play mat. I found this tutorial I really liked but I needed it to be bigger. This kid has more cars than a dealership, lol! So, I used one of my sons cars and laid the fabric on top of it to determine how wide the pocket should be. Then I added 1 inch to that. I needed the pocket to hold the car but not cause the case to bulge and wave on the back part. I used denim, quilt batting, yellow dust cloths, and this sparkly checkerboard fabric. On to the pictures!

The straps on the road end have velro sewed on and there is a strip of velcro sewed onto the other side of the pocket end. This was he can carry it and not worry about letting go of a handle by accident and losing cars.
Next up, a DS case from this tutorial. Naturally I modified it a bit to make it suitable for a boy. Donovan got a DS for Christmas from my parents as well as a few games. I figured he might need something like this to help protect it when not in use. It took very little fabric and was really easy to construct. Now I need to make two more for my kids as they both got one too.

All I need picture of now are the girls baby doll clothes and diaper bags.

Meet Sadie!!

Isn't she sweet?!? She is a full blooded lab but doesn't have any papers- which is totally fine by me. They told us she is about 8 weeks old and she is already mostly house trained. Yay!! My mind is already running wild with ideas for sewing projects! I know, I'm weird, right?