Thursday, February 4, 2010

Not quite what I had in mind but....

it'll work. I started out trying to make a bean bag chair. I already had this fuzzy orange material cut into large circles so I decided to stick with that and make it more of a floor pillow. I had my husband in mind for this as he plays a lot of XBOX360 but he said he needed more back support. That just gives me one more reason to keep craftin. HAHAHA. Anyway, on to the pillow. I bought several yards of this fuzzy orange material at JoAnns when they went out of business here several years ago. Back before I was even sewing because I just thought it was awesome. Before I really understood that material like this is really difficult to feed through a sewing machine. Yeah, sometimes I'm really smart. LOL Anyway, I used the orange circles to cut out the lining, determined how long the zipper should be, sewed it on and then sewed around the rest of it. I pretty much did the same for the lining but left an opening instead of inserting a zipper so that I could add the packing peanuts. Yeah, that was fun. I think I spilled packing peanuts all over the floor twice and with a puppy in the house it was a mad scramble to pick them all up before she could eat them. All said and done it wasn't too bad.
My lining. I used halloween fabric I just had to buy because it was a quarter a yard.
Now, since it had no back support for the man and he didn't want to use it I had to use it for something. So the lucky recipient was- Sadie! It took her a day to get used to the packing peanuts but now she loves it. Yay!!