Monday, April 12, 2010

A few new projects

While I haven't been crafting as much as I like to I have been trying to squeeze a few things in here and there. I really like the whole reusable grocery bag idea but have a hard time remembering to take the darn things with me. To try to help me remember I've taken to making my own bags. I suppose the thought is that if I take the time to make them then I will remember. I started small with a bag for taking my lunch/breakfast to work with me in order to keep me from spending money on it. I used a smaller sized plastic grocery bag for the pattern as I've seen on several tutorials. Add a pocket inside for an eating utensil and voila! A lunch bag is born! I just loved this fabric combination but I could never decide how to use it.

Next up is the bag I made for my sister's bithday. We grew up listening to Aerosmith and the like so when I found this knit material at Hancocks a few years back I just had to have it. I made her a tote bag style purse back then with a red satin lining. While it turned out ok it wasn't great. Not only was it my first time sewing with knit fabric but with satin as well. I still had a half yard or so left so I decided it was time for something new. I used some dark stretch denim and red broadcloth and made up a pattern for this one. You can't tell by the horrible picture I have of it but it is kind of like those pleated purses, with an upper band and a "baggy" bottom. That isn't the right word but it will work. She loved it. I even make a clasp-frame coin purse to match but forgot to take a picture. It turned out way cuter than it looks, I promise, and she loved it.

One of my managers at work invited us to her grandaughter's birthday party. Although her words were "If you want you can come to the party. Maybe you can make her a dress or some hair clippies!?" I knew that she really was just asking if I would make her something to give her grandaughter. I generally cave in to all requests to make something new and girly so I went straight to Hobby Lobby and bought 1/2 yard of this ladybug material and some elastic ruffle ribbon, went home and whipped this up. I didn't even need to use a pattern. The little girl was tuning one year old so I just kind of winged the pattern, knowing that she is kind of small. I then added a matching headband and gave it to my manager. She loved it, although it was a little too long.