Thursday, May 6, 2010

New things for Q

I've been having just a little too much fun with my sewing here lately. I was asked by my husbands aunt to make a baby carrier for her son's first baby, due in Septemer. I wasn't about to complain. I love any excuse to sew for a baby. While browsing for ideas I saw a mai tai tutorial on this site. It was not the only tutorial I found but it looked the easiest to do. Now since we still have a few months to go for the new baby I needed a baby to try this with. Enter Q. He is about ten months now and getting bigger every day but he is still a hold-me kind of kid. Jessie can't walk away from him without him crying and John (BIL) just can't get enough of holding him. So I found about two yards worth of the most neutral material I could find, a yard of muslin and some fusible fleece and got to work. It really didn't take long to put everything togetner. The straps took the longest and then pinning the straps at the right angle and making sure they wouldn't get sewn in the wrong place. That part I didn't like so much. The shoulder straps wound up being about two yards long each and the waist straps about a yard each. On Jessie the waist straps wrap around about three times but she says that is what makes it so comfortable. On John they wrap once but he seemed really excited about having this, which is good because I really made this for him. 
The next one I will make a bit narrower though because this one is too wide and they cannot turn Q around in it.

Now for the fabric high chair I made for Q. I found this tutorial and just had to try it. I used fusible fleece in the middle of it for a bit of padding and some material from my stash. It can fit on any chair with slats and possibly even a shopping cart.