Monday, September 20, 2010

Halloween is coming!!!

My favorite time of year! Yay!! I am trying really hard to clean up the disaster that is my garage so that I can get a jump on costumes. I've already bought the patterns for both Amelia and Thomas and want so bad to start sewing them right now but I can't. Amelia has decided she wants to be a princess this year. I've been informed that since she is a princess Thomas has to be a knight so that he can protect her. Hmm, does that mean I should be a queen?
Amelia chose McCall 6183, the green and yellow dress. She originally wanted pink and purple and blue but I was worried that it might be a bit busy. As we searched Hancocks looking at fabrics to use, I found a really pretty sheer material that had black velvet roses on it for only $2 a yard on sale. I showed it to her and she loved it so I was able to convince her that a black and white princess dress would be beautiful. She quickly agreed. My only worry is that the dress overlays (the green and yellow skirts) are not lined or even hemmed. The pattern suggests using a seam sealent and then sewing the trim on top of that. I am wondering if maybe I can find a way to line it but keep the shape of the overlay and not have too much bulk. Hmm.
Thomas chose McCall 5500, the green one. Since Amelia will be black and white, so will Thomas. After all, a knight should match his lady, right? The instructions on this one are super confusing but only because of the way they sew the lining to the tunic. I looked up the reviews on two said NOT recommended and three said HIGHLY recommended. At this point I've already purchased the patterns and I consider myself commited. Wish me luck!