Saturday, October 9, 2010

I must be nucking futs!!

I was cleaning out my garage to make room for Halloween sewing. While doing this I found the Halloween fabric I had so nicely folded and put away. I should mention I have about ten yards of fabric devoted to Halloween- if not more- most of it one print. To give me a little something to do when the costumes piss me off, I thought "Oh, I'll make goodie bags for the kids classes! That will be easy and great!" I sent notes to school with both kids asking if it was ok and while I am still waiting for Amelia's teacher to answer me, Tom's teacher sent back an enthusiastic note back, gratefully taking any help she can get this year. I read further along and notice she has 21 kids in class- including Tom- and could get more at any time. I'm thinking "OK, I can do 21 bags." Then I remember, Amelia's teacher hasn't responded yet. Let's just assume she has the same amount of kids in her class too and I make a few extra for each class- you know, for teachers aides and teachers. That is 50 goodie bags! Holy crow, what was I thinking?! I got started on them today. I cut out 108 - 6 1/2 inch squares from the fabric I had the most of. It really went much faster than I was expecting. Thank God for rotary cutters and quilters rulers! LOL! If I hadn't run out of the ribbon I'm using for the handles I could have had 10 of them done tonight. As it is, I have 6 done and the sewed up pretty quickly. I'll get pictures posted as soon as I have some to post.


Well, instead of starting a new post I figured I would just add on here. I was able to get all 50 bags done just in time for Halloween. I told myself never again and now here I am thinking of making stockings for their holiday parties at school. Maybe I'll learn someday. Probably I won't. They all came together rather nicely. I did a lot of assembly line sewing here. First I sewed all the bags together wrong sides together, down one side connecting about 15 bags at a time, then up the other side.

All the squares cut out and stacked.

Sewn together and hung over my back door to keep them neat.

After I did this I cut the connecting strings, trimmed the seams, turned them inside out and sewed them all together again. I thought french seams would look better and I really liked the way it looked, it was just too much work. I did the same to sew up the bottoms of each bag. To add the handles I folded the tops of the bags down about an inch and pinned them in place. Then I cut 10 inch lengths of ribbon and inserted the ribbon ends into the folded over top. once they were in a good place I folded them up along the bottom of the hem so that it became a useable handle and sewed around the bag. I can see tons of different ways this would have worked better but hindsight is always 20/20.
I kept running out of ribbon so I had to use 4 different kinds.
Then I needed a bag for each kid to carry these to school in so I whipped up two simple tote bags out of this super cute skeleton fabric I bought last year. These doubled as the teachers goodie bags. I should mention that it looks a little funny cause it was already stuffed with 25 goodie bags when I took the picture.
I stuffed the goodie bags with a pencil, jelly bracelets, spider rings, small coloring books, and home made stickers. I think I may do the same thing with the stockings. If I'm crazy enough.

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