Saturday, October 9, 2010

Progress pictures

Well, we are a full week into October and I feel like I've gotten quite a bit done and still have tons left. Eek! I was able to get Thomas's tunic done quickly. As confusing as the instructions were I found it really quite simple to put together. Although not the best picture, I want to show it off. All I lack on this one is the hook and eye closure. Then I just need to make a pair of pants and possibly some spats (boot covers), buy a sword and he'll be good to go. Yay!

Amelia's also went together fairly easily. Unfortunantly I was both broke and impatient so I used a plain white cotton fabric for the outer shell of the dress. So we have a really pretty sheer fabric with black velvet roses for the underskirt, a black satin type material for the over skirt, and plain ol cotton for the top. Maybe I should have waited, huh? I don't think it looks too bad and with the right trim and a petticoat underneath it may just turn out OK. I did change up the sleeves for this one. In fact, I just did straps instead. I really just didn't feel up to messing around with the sleeves since the fabric I used unravels easily.

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