Monday, November 29, 2010

It's time for Christmas sewing! Yay!

Now that Halloween is over and I've given myself a good break, I've got to get going on Christmas presents. I love to make the gifts that I give to my nieces and nephews, but finding something that works for everyone is difficult. I have decided on fabric covered journals this year for everyone. We have a bunch of little artists in our family so I thought a notebook and a cool pen would make a good gift. I have found several tutorials online, like the Bloom Journal Cover and the Kirin Notebook to name a few. These all look really straight forward and easy to do but so far only one of mine have come out right. I follow the directions like it says. I use the same measurements and the same composition notebook but so far they are too big or too small. Uugghh!! I've given myself about a week to relax and think these through a little better and I think I'm ready to jump back in.
Not only am I doing these covers, I think I've almost decided to make little stockings for the kids classes. I say almost cause I spent a few hours the other day cutting out these little stocking shaped pieces out of fabric. Instead of cutting out the pieces for one stocking and sewing it together to make sure it will work, I cut out ALL the pieces for 20 stockings. Then I sewed the one together to make sure and sure enough I screwed it up royally!! Thankfully I still have quite a bit of Christmas fabric so I think I'll try again. If anyone reads this, wish me luck!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Boy is this late!

I am finally getting around to posting the kids costumes. I can't believe it is already Thanksgiving and that it took me this long. The costumes turned out really well. Both kids loved them and they were a hit. Unfortunantly I didnt get very many individual shots as I only had my cell phone camera to use. Oh well.
This one is my favorite picture ever! I just love the look on Amelia's face.
Just a bit of detail for Thomas' shirt.The first picture was taken on day two of trick-or-treating. I'm kinda bummed that the applique didn't last longer but at least I have a picture of it
And here is my witch. She is supposed to have crashed into the ground but between kids and dogs she never stayed there. So I hot glued her to a tire and covered her in covwebs. Sadly enough she is still in my front yard. Some day I'll take her down.