Thursday, November 25, 2010

Boy is this late!

I am finally getting around to posting the kids costumes. I can't believe it is already Thanksgiving and that it took me this long. The costumes turned out really well. Both kids loved them and they were a hit. Unfortunantly I didnt get very many individual shots as I only had my cell phone camera to use. Oh well.
This one is my favorite picture ever! I just love the look on Amelia's face.
Just a bit of detail for Thomas' shirt.The first picture was taken on day two of trick-or-treating. I'm kinda bummed that the applique didn't last longer but at least I have a picture of it
And here is my witch. She is supposed to have crashed into the ground but between kids and dogs she never stayed there. So I hot glued her to a tire and covered her in covwebs. Sadly enough she is still in my front yard. Some day I'll take her down.

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