Thursday, January 27, 2011

Square Skirts

When I was a kid my Aunt Sue would make twirly skirts for my sister and me. We loved to spin over and over again when we were wearing those. While at Hancocks a few weeks ago I saw they had their 2 and 3 inch elastic on clearance for 60% off. Elastic isn't horribly expensive when bought off the roll but at 50 cents a yard I couldn't walk away. Seeing it took me back to the good old days and those twirly skirts because it was the same elastic as the waist on those skirts. I bought several yards and then put it up and forgot it- like usual. At Christmas, when I saw my Aunt Sue, I asked her how those were made. The answer- she cut a circle out of fabric and sewed the elastic to the waistline. That's it. All I could think was- Duh! I've seen circle skirt tutorials and it never dawned on me that they were the same thing.

Well, last week I dug out the elastic and got to work. Since I hate to hem curved lines I decided to use the same idea with a square instead. Super simple and fun to make. The only hard part is getting a square of fabric and cutting the circle in the middle for the waist.

I had extra fabric from the middle of the skirts so I decided to cut out some appliques to make matching shirts for the girls. Since there is animal print on the fabric I used some zebra fabric also. Turned out pretty cute, I think.

 I wanted to try a layered skirt too so I used some black fabric and made more of a rectangle skirt. I turned the fabric so that there were 8 points. I dont really like the way it hangs on Amelia. I'm thinking I should have made the black a square also but oh well. She really likes it and it does get really good twirl action.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stash busting time!

I've been digging through the garage lately and came across a huge box of yarn that I have been meaning to give away or donate. Well, I thought about it and I do need potholders and some slippers and a hat and...... Oh no, I think I've just gotten myself in trouble!

 Oh yeah, I forgot about this little thing packed full of yarn too! Sigh. Wish me luck.


I was able to finish off all 9 covered journals- 5 for the boys and 4 for the girls. After my previous frustration with the sizing I was able to figure it all out and get back on track. Turns out my seams were simply too big.
There are only three girl journals shown. That is because Amelia quickly claimed hers and ran off with it. It was just like the pink one. 

Then, because I'm a masochist like that, I decided to make smaller versions. I just bought a few packs of the mini composition notebooks, measured, cut, sewed, and voila! Mini journals! Again, there were 9 of these but two were claimed rather quickly and I still had one more to make at the time of this picture.

For the kids teachers I decided to make covered day planners. I bought day planners at the dollar tree and just took the covers off. Nothing special, I know, but as rough as Thomas's year has been at school, I wanted to do something for his teacher, and as I was making one I went ahead and made another for Mil's teacher.

Mini Stockings!

As mentioned in my last post, I had *kind of* decided to make mini stockings for the kids classes. After some time to think I decided to dive in and try again. The stocking on the left is the first one I made. Now you see why I was discouraged. I cut out all the pieces needed to make 21 stockings before I tested it out. Big mistake! After some image searching, I found a good template, enlarged it and printed it up on some card stock. 

I sewed the pieces together assembly line style, which really sped everything up. After sewing them I cut them into twos, and sewed them up.

I got a new machine in November, a Project Runway ce5500 special edition, and it has an awesome overlock stitch on it so I used it around all the raw edges.

In all I made about 50 of these. A really good way to get rid of all that extra Christmas fabric. I stuffed them all with a pencil, eraser, yoyo, and a silly band. The kids really seemed to enjoy them.