Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I was able to finish off all 9 covered journals- 5 for the boys and 4 for the girls. After my previous frustration with the sizing I was able to figure it all out and get back on track. Turns out my seams were simply too big.
There are only three girl journals shown. That is because Amelia quickly claimed hers and ran off with it. It was just like the pink one. 

Then, because I'm a masochist like that, I decided to make smaller versions. I just bought a few packs of the mini composition notebooks, measured, cut, sewed, and voila! Mini journals! Again, there were 9 of these but two were claimed rather quickly and I still had one more to make at the time of this picture.

For the kids teachers I decided to make covered day planners. I bought day planners at the dollar tree and just took the covers off. Nothing special, I know, but as rough as Thomas's year has been at school, I wanted to do something for his teacher, and as I was making one I went ahead and made another for Mil's teacher.

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