Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mini Stockings!

As mentioned in my last post, I had *kind of* decided to make mini stockings for the kids classes. After some time to think I decided to dive in and try again. The stocking on the left is the first one I made. Now you see why I was discouraged. I cut out all the pieces needed to make 21 stockings before I tested it out. Big mistake! After some image searching, I found a good template, enlarged it and printed it up on some card stock. 

I sewed the pieces together assembly line style, which really sped everything up. After sewing them I cut them into twos, and sewed them up.

I got a new machine in November, a Project Runway ce5500 special edition, and it has an awesome overlock stitch on it so I used it around all the raw edges.

In all I made about 50 of these. A really good way to get rid of all that extra Christmas fabric. I stuffed them all with a pencil, eraser, yoyo, and a silly band. The kids really seemed to enjoy them.

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