Thursday, January 27, 2011

Square Skirts

When I was a kid my Aunt Sue would make twirly skirts for my sister and me. We loved to spin over and over again when we were wearing those. While at Hancocks a few weeks ago I saw they had their 2 and 3 inch elastic on clearance for 60% off. Elastic isn't horribly expensive when bought off the roll but at 50 cents a yard I couldn't walk away. Seeing it took me back to the good old days and those twirly skirts because it was the same elastic as the waist on those skirts. I bought several yards and then put it up and forgot it- like usual. At Christmas, when I saw my Aunt Sue, I asked her how those were made. The answer- she cut a circle out of fabric and sewed the elastic to the waistline. That's it. All I could think was- Duh! I've seen circle skirt tutorials and it never dawned on me that they were the same thing.

Well, last week I dug out the elastic and got to work. Since I hate to hem curved lines I decided to use the same idea with a square instead. Super simple and fun to make. The only hard part is getting a square of fabric and cutting the circle in the middle for the waist.

I had extra fabric from the middle of the skirts so I decided to cut out some appliques to make matching shirts for the girls. Since there is animal print on the fabric I used some zebra fabric also. Turned out pretty cute, I think.

 I wanted to try a layered skirt too so I used some black fabric and made more of a rectangle skirt. I turned the fabric so that there were 8 points. I dont really like the way it hangs on Amelia. I'm thinking I should have made the black a square also but oh well. She really likes it and it does get really good twirl action.

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  1. I want to make this super cute twirley skirt for my niece. I'm not a seamstress at all, but I can do this! How did you know what size to make the square?