Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Peppermint Bark Popcorn

Umm, yum!
My husband has asked that I do more "home-made" cooking and in searching for recipes that I can do I found this incredible recipe for peppermint bark popcorn. Her pictures just make this look sssooo good that I couldn't help myself. As we are on day two of no school due to snow and ice (it's 12 degrees here in Texas!) I really needed something to do with the kids. This is really very simple to make. It took us about 30 minutes in all. 

I baby sit for my cousin so I had to make half size batches so that the kids could stir it up themselves. Amelia really loves Hunter and is a multi tasker.  
 Thomas liked doing the stirring but he kept flinging popcorn so his stirring didn't last long.
 I finished stirring for both kids but really they were able to do a decent job of it themselves.

I decided last minute at the store to get the extra-wide foil and I am glad I did. Two bags of popcorn fit perfectly.
 Thomas did the drizzling of the chocolate. It didn't really melt as well as I wanted it to- hence the large chocolate sections, but it all worked out. I wasn't sure I wanted to use the chocolate chips but I am really glad I did. Shoot, I'm half tempted to melt the rest of the bag and pour it all on there cause it tastes soo good! Hehe.

This is definantly something I want to make again and again. Maybe for Valentines day treats to give at school.I can certainly see it all wrapped up in a pretty cellophane goody bag with a pretty ribbon and handmade valentine. Am I going too far here?