Monday, September 19, 2011

Starry Night

I like to do a lot of crafts. I love to sew. Sometimes I catch the crochet bug. Occasionally I bake. The craft I've like to do the longest, however, is cross stitch. David got me into cross stitching, believe it or not. Back when we were first dating and he would actually go to Hobby Lobby with me, he convinced me to buy a cross stitch kit that was on the clearance sidewalk sale. I needed something to do on the drive to South Padre and he said he would help me with it. I never did finish that project but I did develop a fascination. Suddenly all I wanted to do was look at patterns and buy floss. I made a blanket for my nephew, a framed name for my friend's birthday, and I started a blanket for my first niece. I'm telling you, I was obsessed for a while.
Something else I've always loved- van Gogh paintings. Now I know I am not the only one here. My favorite one of all time is Starry Night. I did a copy of it in art senior year. We had to use construction paper in a unique way to reproduce a painting. First time I got an A I think, lol.
About a year ago I was looking online for free cross stitch patterns. I may love to do it but I do not love to pay for the patterns! I found this site. She not only has Starry Night but also Fourteen Sunflowers, another awesome van Gogh painting. In fact I tried to do that one once, I think I got two pages in and then all I could see was yellow, and I had to stop, lol. So, I decided I would have a go at Starry Night. As much as I love this painting, I figured I would really keep with it better. And I did. I managed to complete an entire page, and a good portion of the main black tree thing. I was going along at a great pace. Soccer practice makes for a great time for stitching. I did goof and got the wrong size canvas. Actually, I was so anxious to start that I just grabbed the canvas I had on hand, 11 count aida I think. I realized that it wouldn't be big enough but figured I could just add more canvas as needed.
After roughly 3 months of working on it, this is how far I got. Looking pretty good, right? You can see at the bottom that I was going to have to add some height to it. That was the bottom of row two and there are 3 rows. But that wasn't going to be a problem. I was quite happy with it all.
 Then, I left it out on my chair one day. Generally I fold it back up, put it back in the Ziploc baggie with the pattern, and put it in my purse. But that day I didn't. You see, my dog Max seems to be going through a phase right now. Even though he hasn't been a teething puppy for some time, he wants to chew on everything. He was a perfect dog for months. I never had to worry about him chewing on anything. I could leave my best shoes out and he wouldn't touch them. Then, Sadie had the puppies. Don't worry, I'll post about them later. All of a sudden, nothing is safe around here, and we don't even have the puppies anymore. Anyway, back to the stitching. I came home that day and had a heart attack. You see, Max had a craving that day. A craving for floss, paper, plastic, and aida cloth. Not only did he chew a few holes in my canvas, he ate the pattern, he ate the floss that was in the baggie, and he somehow got ahold of the organizer box that some of my floss was in, and chewed a hole through it and the floss inside. To say I was mad is an understatement. I was as mad at myself as I was at Max though. I knew better but thought it'd be ok. I was only going to be gone for a little bit, after all. Ha!

Can you see the hole?
At first I thought I could work with it. I figured I would just lay another piece of cloth under it and stitch it all together. But no, that didn't work. Not to mention, I no longer had a pattern. I had to reprint it, and therefore remark it all. I got so frustrated that I took a picture and then chucked it. And then, I started over again. I've done a few things differently this time. First off, I made grid lines. Or, I marked where each page is, with the dotted lines marking every ten stitches, just like the pattern. 

About 2 weeks in.

This is going to take me forever. As you can see, I made the same mistake here that I did last time. Only, I will have to add length instead of height. That I can do though. These pictures were taken almost a month ago, so I've gotten much more done since then, but it is still a process.

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