Friday, December 2, 2011

Feelin' quilty

I have never really been a quilt kind of person. I mean I love quilts, but I never had any interest in making them. I've done a few very simple 9-patches but that is about it.
At a recent family garage sale, I found 11 Sonic t-shirts that had once belonged to my SIL Megan. Some were splattered with grease spots but that is inevitable when you work at a fast food restaurant. As soon as I saw them I just HAD to make a t-shirt quilt, even though I really had no idea what I was doing. So I snatched them up, brought them home, washed them very well, and started researching.
I wound up cutting the shirts into 11.5" squares, front and back. That only gave me 22 squares and I just knew that wasn't gonna be big enough. So, I grabbed all the sleeves, and cut 4.5" squares out of those. Then I used the bottom of the shirts too, cutting the same size squares. The only part of the shirt that didn't get used were the hems and collars.
I just happened to have 2.5 yards of black broadcloth on hand so I used that for the sashing. I was so afraid that this quilt would be too small that I think I made it too big! It is close to queen size.

 I knew that since the front was so colorful, I wanted black and white for the back and binding. I had the crazy wavy fabric on hand but had to buy the dot fabric. In the end, all I had to buy was the dots and the batting.
I did a very simple quilting stitch along both sides of each column and row. I wanted to do much more but, quite frankly, after a few rows I just wanted to be done, and moving that much quilt through my machine was killing me!
 I mis-cut this particular shirt and had an extra 9-patch left over so I made quick and easy pillows. The binding here is the same as on the quilt.

All in all, I am in love with this quilt and am so glad I did it. I cannot wait to give it to Megan and her husband, Andy. They met while working at Sonic and I thought this would be a great thing to have. Shoot, I would kill for a Pizza Hut quilt!

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